Why Polish Women Are the Greatest on Earth

polish woman 2I have a natural weakness for Polish women and women of Polish descent, even if they’re only 10 percent. They just absolutely make me swoon. Here’s why:

They’re Intelligent

It’s no secret that Poland has received the short end of the stick countless times over the centuries. As the geographic center of Europe, Poland was always surrounded by all sorts of drama. It’s why, I believe, Polish women have become very globally-minded. In other words, they know what’s going on. When it comes time to take their Matura (or final high school examination) they have a solid foundation in history, geography, languages, mathematics and more. I’ve seen a Matura—its scope puts the ACT to shame.

I’ve talked to Polish women who, even though they hate a particular subject, can still speak intelligently about it. It’s just amazing to me. In the United States, the humanities are taking a back seat to math and science, resulting in a population that is increasingly ignorant of history, geography, languages and literature. Not true in Poland. Some Americans wouldn’t be able to find Poland on a map, while some Poles could tell you the capital of Nevada (hint: it’s not Las Vegas).

Polish women’s intelligence draws me in. There’s something really attractive about them almost knowing as much about your home country as you do. The same goes for Polish-American women. Often the daughters of immigrants, they are pushed to excel in school and learn as much as possible. Many of the smartest girls I knew growing up were Polish. Despite those silly Polish jokes out there about light bulbs, the Polish culture breeds beautiful minds.

They’re Resourceful

polskie kobietyBy virtue of them knowing a little bit about everything, Polish girls are super resourceful. Very independent, they don’t need a man to do things for them. Chances are, if you’re a guy, they’ll end up teaching you a thing or two about supposedly “male” topics like cars, engines and home maintenance—I know that’s true for me.

This resourcefulness leads Polish women to have a tendency never to give up. Sometimes they have setbacks; sometimes things don’t  work out exactly how they wanted. But they always figure it out. They either get what they want, or the next best thing. During the Renaissance, a “Renaissance Man” was someone who knew enough about everything  to be useful in a variety of different situations. Well, I would venture to say that most Polish women are “Renaissance Women.”

They’re Respectful of Tradition

Polish Americans keep their traditions  probably more than any other immigrant group, and I think it’s largely due to their women. Culture and tradition is very important to me. A girl who understands and respects that  is very attractive. A Polish girl who shares and practices those traditions is the best.

Even if I don’t marry a Polish girl one day, I would still want my wife to respect traditions like Wigilia, Święconka and various others. If my wife were Polish, I know that not only would our Polish heritage remain alive, but it would get passed down in some form to our children. Although many traditions are dying down in Poland, Polish women are still familiar with the major ones. I would love to one day go bless my Easter Basket with a lovely Polish woman by my side.

They’re Tough

I know Polish women are tough because my mom is living proof of that. Having endured the struggles of immigrating to the U.S. herself and building a life here from scratch, she is a model of resoluteness.

Millions of Polish women like her have left Poland over the last two hundred years to build better lives all over the world. I can’t imagine permanently leaving my home country, but they somehow find the strength to handle it. Naturally they miss Poland, their families, their old way of life—but they maintain the mental toughness to trudge forward. Their hopes and aspirations provide the fuel that keeps them constantly moving toward a brighter future.

They’re Moral

I’m Roman Catholic, and my faith is very important to me. It impacts my beliefs, decisions and actions. So when I look at girls, I look for a solid moral foundation. In Poland, 88.7 percent of the population shares my Roman Catholic faith. Naturally, they don’t all practice, and many in the younger generation are moving away from religion, as is the trend in other parts of the western world.

Still, a moral foundation exists in Poland and among Polish people that exists in few other countries, especially in Europe. If you have good morals and values, you’re automatically more attractive to me. Polish women have a strong moral character. They possess self respect, faithfulness and sincerity. Of course there’s exceptions (sometimes many), but overall (and maybe I’m naive) I still believe that the beauty of a Polish woman’s soul far outshines any other measure of beauty I can possibly conjure up in this article.

To Top it Off…

I didn’t mention physical attractiveness because, in the end, girls are physically beautiful all over the world, but it means nothing if they lack more meaningful qualities.  I will, however, end by admitting that I do have a thing for the Polish look. My stereotypical image is a Polish maiden skipping through the forests of eastern Poland with a wreath in her hair. We all can dream…


97 thoughts on “Why Polish Women Are the Greatest on Earth

  1. This article says it perfectly, my wife of 41 yrs. is a Blessing, who ever wrote the article has
    a seat on the right side of the Lord.
    Thank You!


  2. I love the article! It is especially true of morals and keeping the old traditions. The women in my Przemielewski family are very strong emotionally and physically. We love to sing the Polish koledy at Christmas time! Merry Christmas🙏🎼🎄😇❤️


  3. I Liked this article. I am a daughter of a Polish Immigrant from Warsaw after World War II
    This describes my beautiful mother, Jadwiga, perfectly.
    Thank You for your insight!


  4. There is barely anything written on Polish people in North America! Sometimes I feel a real lack of culture because my grandparents tried to assimilate as much as possible, they had gone through a lot. I think this void has taught me a lot about being perceptive and very respectful of cultures around me, as it is a void I feel I have, although the strength is my sensitivity to respect others. What a lovely article . Thank you for the ego boast. ❤


  5. This is beautiful text. I am one of the Polish girls from Kraków but last 7 years I live in Guernsey UK so your words are very touching. It’s nice to know that in this world there are people like you who respect Polish people without judging. God bless you and your family


  6. In the late 60’s and 70’s, as soon as my Polish origin became apparent, I would hear Polish jokes. Mostly insulting and stupid jokes. I learned to manage these situations by allowing one joke only; if it made me smile, and only if they made me smile, would I allow another.
    Luckily they all stopped as soon as the Polish Pope was elected.

    Your sweet and thoughtful article brought back some of those memories and made me appreciate you homage so much more. Thank you. I will be sharing it with many friends.


  7. I grew up outside Poland since the age of five. Exiled with my family to Siberia in Feb 10, 1940. Two years later “liberated” on freight RR cars dragged two and half months all over Siberia, two thirds of Polish people starved to death were dumped on mud in Uzbekistan, Holodnyj step. Through Iran-Zambia to England, 1948. In 1956 met an English girl. The following year, Polish performing dance group came to London. Attended the show with my English girlfriend. After witnessing the beautiful Polish girls, my decision was to find such beautiful Polish girl. Later in 1957 I met the beautiful Polish girl whoo went through Siberia like we did. We met at the Polish annual harvest moon ball at Royal Festival Hall London. We fell in love & in Aug 1958 were married. In Jan 1959 sailed to New York. Raised two sons educated them and danced all through our fifty eight years together loving every day my beautiful Polish sweetheart HELENA! Ludwik Smigielski


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