Most Hilariously Polish Things On the Internet: Part 1

I’m typically the first to fight any sort of Polish joke. In fact, one of the few ways to get me really angry is to mock Poland. Just ask my friends. But sometimes you just have to make fun of yourself, so I am.

I’ve scoured the internet to find the most hilariously “Polish” things out there. There’s plenty, but seven will do for now. Enjoy! (And don’t take it too seriously;)


This video depicts a Polish guy in Florida throwing chickens at an alligator. Nothing I say will do this gem justice, so just watch. Remember: “Hes at leas for feet!”


Unleash. Hell.

Recently, in order to help bolster Lithuania’s air defenses, Poland deployed three falcons and a hawk to their Baltic neighbor. Yes, birds. The hope is that these flying predators will chase away other birds that might get into planes’ jet engines. How about sending the Lithuanians, you know, an actual FIGHTER PLANE!

Check out the article here:,Poland-deploys-hawks-falcon-on-mission-to-protect-Lithuanian-air-space


Bombs Away!

Vladimir Putin better watch out because Poland has apparently been perfecting this secret weapon for decades. I call it the barrel bomb. Check it out in action on the front lines.


Polish Superman?

Apparently the “Man of Steel” no longer limits himself to saving American lives. This video proves that he is carefully watching over Poland.


Stealing her heart?

30-year-old Andrzej Czapka of Łomza, Poland had recently broken up with his girlfriend. To win her back he decided to give her roses…which he stole from a flowershop because he had no money. Dreamy.

Check out the article here:


What to do when you’re bored in Poland

Usually I try to explain things, but I’ve got nothing for you here. Except, what’s with Poles and barrels?


Flying in Style

This is one of the greatest videos I have ever watched. Next time I fly LOT Polish Airlines, I expect this kind of treatment.


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