Polish Artist Profile-Sylwia Grzeszczak

Born: April 7, 1989 (26 years old)

Style: Pop, R&B

Albums: Ona i On (Him and Her), Sen o Przyszłości (Dream of the Future), Komponując Siebie (Composing Yourself)

My thoughts: I discovered Sylwia Grzeszczak a few days ago and have since become a big fan of her musical style. Her instrument of choice is the piano, which she plays in all of her music videos that I have seen. In contrast to the empty song lyrics that plague pop culture on both sides of the Atlantic,Grzeszczak is a true poet who sings about meaningful topics that convey a positive message. One of my favorite songs of hers is “Małe Rzeczy” (Little Things), which reminds us that no matter how much money we make or spend, or how many material goods we attain, our lives are like houses built on sand. As a result, we should take pleasure in life’s little, non-material things because they are the true source of happiness. I also like her song “Co z nami będzie?” (What will become of us?). Each listener can make his or her own meaning out of this song. For a guy in his early twenties like me, though, it reflects my relative level of uncertainty and wonder of what the future will bring.

Unfortunately, we all know that oftentimes, though the lyrics of a song are deep and meaningful, the music video is a senseless pile of garbage—not so in Grzeszczak’s case. First of all, they are all family-friendly, meaning no Miley Cyrus Wrecking-Ball-type stuff. In most of her videos, she wears a long dress and plays the piano as some sort of story unfolds relating to the song. There’s no vulgarity and no nudity; just a wholesome video to accompany a wholesome song.

If you don’t understand Polish, that’s okay. You will still enjoy the melody of Grzeszczak’s songs and the imagery in her videos. She kind of reminds me of Alicia Keys or Vanessa Carlton in the States. See below for some suggested songs of hers and let me know what you think!

Suggested songs:

Małe Rzeczy

Co z Nami Będzie?

Sen o Przyłości

Mijamy Się

Kiedy Tylko Spojrzę


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