Polish mulled beer recipe

Warm those Wintertime Chills with this Polish Spiced Beer Recipe

Check out this recipe for some warmly refreshing Polish spiced beer, perfect for the colder months.


Diving Into the Polish Beer Scene

Polish beer is amazing. As the third largest producer of beer in Europe, after the United Kingdom and Germany, and the ninth largest in the world, Poland has been gaining increased respect and recognition for its beer internationally. Poland is also the 5th-highest  beer consuming nation in the world and brewed 3.956 million kiloliters of…

Polish Beer Review: Karpackie

It’s that time again—time for a Polish beer review! Today’s lucky lager is Karpackie Premium beer, brewed by Van Pur brewing company in Rakszawa, Poland. If you’re looking for a beer with  a long and rich history, then Karpackie is not for you. Normally, I like to devote time to sharing the beer’s origins and…