Polish invention airplane

One of the Earliest Airplanes Flew in Poland in 1648

If you happened to be in Warsaw during February 1648 and looked up, you might have seen a cat flying a mechanical dragon.

Charles Domery like set a Polish record for appetite

The Pole Who Would Eat Anything

The phrase “I’m so hungry I could eat an elephant” doesn’t seem all that over-the-top when you hear the strange story of Charles Domery (aka Charles Domerz), a Polish soldier serving in the Prussian army during the late 18th century. Details about Domery’s early life are scant, but he was reportedly born in the village…

What Does my Polish Name Mean?

Everybody recognizes a Polish last name (surname). In fact, if it looks unpronounceable, it’s probably Polish. Kowalski, Młynarski, Brzęczyszczykiewicz…maybe yours is even crazier. Much has been written about Polish last names, and I don’t pretend to be an expert. I did want to distill some of the information out there, though, in case you don’t…